Monday, 8 August 2016

Been off plan (again!)

When will I ever learn?

One bad day doesn't have to mean a bad week?

I've pre paid for 12 weeks, I have 5 left to go and I'm doing abysmally.

Time to kick it up a gear I think.

I started fresh again today, even though I am going away at the weekend and most likely will not stick to plan, it doesn't mean that I cannot make a fresh start today, damage limitation so to speak. 

I feel really embarrassed going to class, getting on the scales to find that I haven't changed much from week one, but if i never face them, I will never get into the habit of changing.

Today's meals were, fruit for breakfast, mugshot, ham with pease pudding, pea pods and muller for lunch, shepherds pie with veg and gravy for tea (2syns).

Snacks were, 2 x Alpen light/Hifi HeB

freddo 5, pink n white wafer 2.5, ice lolly 2, quavers 3.5 totalling: 15syns for the day.

 Hopefully I'll be back soon, with better results.

J x

Their dessert tonight...

and mine,